Thailand Similan & Surin Islands

This group of islands can be found some 90km north west of Phuket and, despite its proximity to the mass tourism there, the archipelago has benefited greatly from its protected status as a Marine National Park since official designation in 1982. The waters surrounding the Similans are crystal clear and teeming with vividly coloured tropical fish grazing on beautiful kaleidoscopic coral. The area offers some of the best diving in the world for those who like to explore deeper waters, although snorkelling with turtles and swimming with dolphins can be experienced even by the least adventurous guests.

The Surin Marine National Park is uninhabited apart from a handful of park rangers and a small community of Chao Lay Sea Gypsies. These nomadic sea people continue their relatively primitive way of life. The Surin Islands themselves consist of two main islands with numerous off-lying islets and rocks. The incredible coral formations and crystal clear waters are of world class standard. Between the two main islands there are the coral reefs that are simply amazing, offering an unforgettable experience for snorkellers and divers alike.


Sample Itinerary

Please note that this is only a sample itinerary and it can be adjusted and adapted according to your preferences.

Day 1 Departure
At around 3:00pm we will happily welcome you aboard. Welcome drinks will be served in the lounge during a brief introductory talk. When everyone is settled in we will get underway for our overnight cruise to the Similan Islands Marine National Park, serving dinner and cocktails as the sun sets on the horizon.
Day 2 Similan
It will be a leisurely cruise through the nine fantastic islands that form the Similan archipelago, taking time for snorkelling, diving, trekking in the lush forests and strolling on the pristine beaches that abound. Many of our guests have been fortunate enough to swim with giant turtles, dolphins, manta rays and even harmless whale sharks – the aquatic life here is truly amazing and varies with each tour.
Day 3 Similan & Ko Bon
The third day continues exploring this group of islands to find more secluded coves and beaches. Later in the afternoon we will leave Koh Similan and head to Koh Bon and Koh Tachai. There is wonderful snorkelling and diving with an abundance of exotic marine life here. Koh Tachai is simply stunning and offers sweeping views along its giant white beach. After another delicious dinner we will take an over night cruise to the Surin Marine National Park.
Day 4 Cruising around
Another leisurely day of cruising around these beautiful islands, taking in the sights of the coastlines of Koh Torinla, Koh Surin Tai, Koh Surin Nua, with regular stops for diving, snorkelling and beach combing during the day. Enjoy a wonderful dinner party on deck as we watch our crew light traditional Thai ‘Com Loy’ lanterns on the beach and send them soaring into the night sky.
Day 5 Surin islands
We explore the remaining Surin islands, including a visit to the Chao Lay Sea Gypsy Village where you will have the opportunity to meet these fascinating people and inspect their beautiful and unique handicrafts. Later in the afternoon we will visit Ao Mai Ngam beach which is usually very entertaining as it is home to hundreds of comical rock monkeys. After dinner we will make an over night crossing to Koh Phi Phi Lay, situated in the magical Phangna Bay.

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