Burma - Myanmar Mergui Archipelago

Imagine a charter destination that has more than eight hundred tropical islands spread over fourteen thousand square miles of Indian Ocean. Imagine mountainous, jungle covered islands that teem with wildlife, spectacular waterfalls that tumble directly onto white sandy beaches fringed by pristine coral reefs. Imagine no tourists and indigenous hunter gatherer tribes with an exotic culture who live nomadic lives aboard their tiny boats. This place really does exist – it is the Mergui Archipelago off the south-west coast of Burma.

The Mergui Archipelago has enormous variety of dive and snorkelling sites with fringing reef; mangroves with crystal clear water; boulder fields, seamounts rising from thousands of meters of water, vertical walls and offshore pinnacles.


Sample Itinerary

Please note that this is only a sample itinerary and it can be adjusted and adapted according to your preferences.

Day 1 Kawthaung
Join SY Asia at Kawthaung on the river border between Thailand and Myanmar.
Depart Kawthaung for the Mergui Archipelgo. Magnificent first night anchorage at "115" an un-named island with a peak of 115 meters on it.
Day 2 Spend the morning exploring the idyllic anchorage at "115". This jungle clad, mountainous 5 islands that make up this group have over 50 white sand beaches and beautiful fringing coral reef. This is a great place for kayaking, snorkeling, fishing or just relaxing and enjoying the birdsong from the jungle.
Late morning sail to Nga Mann for lunch and some great snorkeling with turtles and blue spotted rays off a perfect white sand beach. Afternoon sail to Great Swinton Island.
Day 3 Day spent exploring the uninhabited National Park island of Great Swinton. This island has everything with a mountainous interior, primary jungle with a teaming wildlife, rivers and waterfalls, over 50 pristine white beaches and great snorkeling on the surrounding reefs. There is a superb dive site at nearby “Shark Cave”.
Day 4 Set sail for Clara Island, one of our favourite islands in the Mergui. Anchor in a bay of white sand and go ashore for a seafood BBQ next to an icy cold mountain waterfall that tumbles into the ocean. With an additional day of charter head north to “Black Rock” for spectacular scuba diving.
Day 5 Sail to Salet Galet – one of the most spectacular areas of the Mergui Archipelago. A narrow channel between Lampi island and Wa Ale Kyunn forms a perfectly protected anchorage surrounded by pristine jungle. This is a great area for jungle walks, kayaking and wildlife viewing. For the energetic, climb the west peak of Lampi island (pictured).
We often encounter the nomadic “Moken” tribe in this area who still live a hunter-gatherer existence in this remote wilderness.
Day 6 Sail to Ko Phawt – a unique and unusual area of the Mergui Archipelago with about 20 islands surrounded by shallow channels and fringed by miles of mangroves. This area is full of wildlife with large numbers of hornbills, giant fruit bats, monitor lizards and pythons. This is a great area for kayaking.
Day 7 Morning sail to Bo Cho Island to visit a Moken village. Fascinating insight into the local culture and a chance to see local Moken boats being built out of hand sawn planks. Afternoon sail back to Kawthaung.

Please Note:

This charter is available from December to April.

Options for getting to Kawthaung include a private charter flight from Bangkok to Ranong (the sister town on the opposite side of the river), a 4 hour luxury minibus transfer from Phuket or a spectacular helicopter trip along the Andaman Sea coastline from Phuket.

This one week itinerary covers a section of the southern Mergui Archipelago and excludes around 750 spectacular islands. For a charter that includes the islands of the northern Mergui Archipelago a charter of 2 - 3 weeks is advisable.

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