Indonesia Komodo

The islands of Komodo are blessed with hundreds of secluded beaches, transparent crystal clear waters, and stunning coral reefs for some of the best diving in the world, waiting to be explored. Seek your own private haven either onboard or ashore to read a book or simply stroll along a crescent shaped beach where the only foot prints are yours or those of a Komodo dragon.


Sample Itinerary

Please note that this is only a sample itinerary and it can be adjusted and adapted according to your preferences.

This cruise is on the yacht Phinisi 163 (click to see the yacht).

Day 1 Labuanbajo
After boarding at Labuanbajo, sail north up the eastern coast of Komodo Island to Sabolon Island for water sports and beach relaxation and a sunset cocktail on the scenic cost of this small beautiful island.
Day 2 Rinca
Visit of Rinca island park to see the Komodo Dragons in their natural habitat. Trek directed by Park Rangers. Early morning walk to see the Komodo dragons in their native habitat along with wild boar, monkeys, and wild water buffalo and a score of birds on a guided walk with rangers from Komodo National Park. Return to the yacht for big brunch and sail to nearby rocky islet for a spectacular underwater dive. Afternoon beach stop at Langkoi with possibility to swim with mantas (if they are there).
Day 3 Padar
The Padar Island is one of our favorite ones: it is superb and enables many activities: water sports such as sea kayaking, water skiing, diving and snorkeling. Those who prefer to walk and discover the surrounding fauna will have the opportunity to observe many kinds of birds in their natural environment… The view of nearby islands from the top of Padar is stunning. Admire the different shades of the sea when the sun and clouds are reflected in it.
Day 4 Batu Muncul
This morning you will wake up again in front of truly magnificent scenery! Batu Muncul offers some stunning crescent shaped beaches with pristine white sand where the swimming is superb. There are also some excellent spots for diving and snorkeling.
Day 5 Banta island
Although Banta Island lies outside the National Park boundaries, its numerous fingers like bays and crescent shaped beaches feature excellent diving and snorkeling. This island is noted for its large population of giant turtles and manta rays. Enjoy a beach bar-b-que as the sun sets and the skies shift to the brilliant stars of the Southern Hemisphere as the Milky Way makes it arc across the night sky. BBQ on the beach on near-by island.
Day 6 Back to Labuanbajo
Early morning stop on the way to Labuanbajo for the disembarking. Bid farewell to the crew…

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