Phuket & Malaysia

This 14 days itinerary mix popular beaches with deserted islands
14 Days would be about 20 Miles (2,5 hours engine per day average )
This is only a sample and the final itinerary will be decided on board with the captain and can be amended on a daily basis.

This cruise is given as sample on on the yacht gulet 98 (click to see the yacht).
Departure from Yacht Haven Marina


Day 1 to 2: Cruise around Phang Nga Bay
Just a few miles northeast of Phuket is the star attraction – PhangNga Bay. Here are more than 100 islands with geology varying from low, gently sloping hills to the sheer-sided limestone sea mountains (karsts) that rise vertically out of the water to stunning heights. Images of PhangNga and its steep, majestic and strange outcrops have traveled the world.
While the bay itself is not large, the number of islands, inlets, mangrove channels and sea caves to be explored ensures that no matter how long a yachtsman spends here, new experiences will always be around the corner. The most famous popular  is Koh Hong. The island gets its name, which means “room” in Thai, due to the fact that the centre of the island is hollow so there are room-like chambers. These hongs are completely cut off from the outside world and can only be accessed by paddling through sea caves using sea canoes.  The good news is that the skipper knows many more hongs  and caves that are not visited by the crowd.

Day 3 to 4 : Cruise around  Krabi and  Phi Phi Island
The stunning sea mountain scenery of Phang Nga Bay extends down to Krabi, reaching south into deeper, crystal clear waters. And Ao Relay is probably the most spectacular beach in the area with its perfect cove and spectacular cliffs rising from crystal clear water. 
South of Krabi, and east of Phuket you discover the Phi Phi Islands – one of the most beautiful island groups anywhere. Bird nests hiding in the caves of the cliffs , beautiful lagoons enclosed by rock walls and idyllic tropical beaches have rightly made these islands amongst the most famous in the world.
In 1998, the southernmost of the two islands, Phi Phi Le, was chosen as the location for filming "The Beach", starring Leonardo Di Caprio.
Sleepy, exotically tropical and remote when you want it to be, Phi Phi can keep you as busy as you like, too. Clustered around the main town – Ton Sai Bay – resorts, restaurants, pubs and shops jostle for position with strolling vacationers and bicycles. Phi Phi has no cars.

Day 5-6 Further South Koh Lanta
Ko Lanta is a little less well-known than Ko Phi Phi. The several beaches on the west coast of Ko Lanta Yai are each strung with a line of resorts and bungalows and their typical beach restaurants .  Even when the island is at it fullest, there will be a quiet place for you to relax - the beaches are never full.
The island has 9 attractive white sandy beaches, splendid scenery; coastlines have more than 70 small islands and plenty with forest, coral reefs and under water life. The geography of the island is typically mangroves; coral rimmed beaches; and rugged tree covered hills.
A paved road runs along the beaches from the northern part of the island almost all the way to the southern tip.


Day 7-8  Koh Muk Archipelago
Not just another interesting attraction, Koh Muk is the most outstanding attraction in the Trang Sea and an ideal destination for visitors enthralled with nature. The island has impeccable beaches suitable for swimming and lovely corals around the island that are worth exploring. In addition Koh Muk is comprised of high and majestic cliffs facing the sea to the west, a fishing village on the east facing the mainland and swallows that make the numerous cliffs their home.
Hidden in the jungle, among the cliffs is the awesome Tham Morakot ( Emerald Cave). The cave entrance is a small passage on the islands western side that is accessible by boat during low tide. The cave itself winds for about 80 meters to the other exit, opening onto a clean white beach with an emerald color open pool which is surrounded by high cliffs.
To see real fishermens' daily activities, visit Ao Phangkha and the Muslim fishing village of Kua Laem, located at the southern end of the island.

Day 9-10 Butang Island , a National park at the border with Malaysia
The Butang Group of Islands in The Tarutao National Park. Thailand's first Marine National Park, established in 1972, consists of 5 islands close to the Malaysian border.
Of the 5 islands all but Koh Lipe are uninhabited. Although Koh Lipe is the smallest island in the group, it offers some nice inexpensive and moderately priced accommodation. There is a relaxed beach life atmosphere here with a few bars and restaurants on the beach. The snorkeling is spectacular in the shallows along the Shoreline.
An archipelago with many uninhabited Islands, countless deserted beaches where you can stroll for hours or simply bask in the glorious tropical sun, swim in crystal clear water, or take a kayak and explore the many small bays, beaches or rivers going from the beach through mangroves into the rainforest, or perhaps even Scuba Dive on the pristine coral reefs and other great dive sites without any divers except yourselves.

Day 11 to 12 . Koh Rock Nok  National Park
Koh Rok Nok ( Nok means outside ) and Koh Rok Nai ( Nai means inside) are 2 Islands next to each other. A national park , the Islands are surrounded by emerald green water which normally has visibility exceeding 30 meters. Just of the shore you will find beautiful soft corals and numerous different species of tropical fish. With a buffet lunch on one of the unspoilt and pristine beaches it creates an unforgettable memory.


Day 13 and 14 : Racha Islands
Koh Racha and Koh Kai islands , are twin islands off the south eastern coast of Phuket. Known for their crystal clear blue waters these islands have been an almost exclusive paradise for divers for years. With Racha Yai's white sand beaches and expanding accommodations, Racha Yai is growing in popularity. The nearby island of Mi Ton also offer on of the best coral beach for the snorkeling.
It is time to come back to the Marina . On the way and enjoy the last swimming , a stop at Koh Kai Group  Most of the beaches on the Kai Islands boast stunning white sand and crystal clear water. There are plenty of small colourful fish in the water that will swarm around any pieces of bread or food that is thrown in the sea.

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