Destination Indonesia


Indonesia is blessed with 17,000 islands, stunning volcanic geography, fascinating cultures, natural diversity above and below water, and more than its fair share of remote andunexplored lands, there is no yacht charter destination in the world that can compare with Indonesia.

Starting from Bali you can charter a yacht and sail across the imaginary Wallace line to the Komodo National Park and beyond, where the flora and fauna of subtropical Asia make a sudden and dramatic change into those typical of Australasia. 
In the islands of Nusa Tenggara (also known as the Lesser Sunda Islands) a fantastic diversity awaits the adventurous: climbing mountains, peering into volcanoes, trekking up to beautiful waterfalls, visiting rural villages, enjoying world-class surfing or scuba diving, exploring pristine beaches, or simply relaxing aboard the yacht while anchored in idyllic bays.

Komodo National Park, the Banda Islands and the island of the Raja Ampat (West Papua) hold the highest marine diversity in the world. The reefs here are extremely healthy, having been largely exempt from the destructive practices that have devastated so many of the world’s reefs. However, these beautiful ecosystems are just the tip of the iceberg in an area that could arguably be described as the best liveaboard diving destinations in the world.

Bali & Lombok

Most flights into Indonesia will arrive in Bali, which is a convenient port of embarkation for your Indonesia yacht charter holiday.

Bali's ominous volcanoes, terraced rice fields, gold sand beaches and flashes of cultural color make it an inviting place for any yacht charter adventure departing to Nusa Tenggara and the Komodo National Park.

The Komodo islands are blessed with secluded beaches, crystal clear waters, and stunning coral reefs. Diving, snorkeling, or enjoying water sports in the waters around Komodo is an extraordinary experience.


The internationally famous island of Sipadan lies five degrees north of the equator in the Sulawesi Sea (Celebes Sea). Lying 35km south of Semporna, on Sabah ’s mainland, like many tropical islands it is thickly forested and surrounded by sandy beaches.

Sipadan is an oceanic island and was formed by living corals growing on top of an extinct undersea volcano, which rises 600m from the seabed.

The underwater world is enchanting with the greatest and healthiest coral reef bio-diversity for its size in the world.

Raja Ampat

The Raja Ampat archipelago covers nearly ten million acres of land and sea off the northwestern tip of Indonesia’s West Papua Province.

Raja Ampat means "four kings", referring to the islands Salawati, Batanta, Waigeo and Misool.

This region on the north-western tip of New Guinea comprises about 610 islands spread over 50,000 km² of spectacular scenery. Here we also find the remote islands of Misool a scenic range of majestic limestone structures with precipitous cliffs and craggy spires.