Destination Andaman Sea - India

Sitting in glorious isolation in the middle of the Bay of Bengal are the Andaman Islands. Administered by India, these 300 or so islands are the highest peaks of a submerged mountain range that stretches over 450 kilometres, from Sumatra in the south to the Irawaddy delta in the north. The Andamans consist of dozens of islands, ranging in size from 1500-square kilometres to just a few square kilometres. Owing to their isolation, the Andamans are also a repository of unique flora and fauna, as well as a haven for marine life.

The Andaman Islands have everything you could desire from an adventurous eco-tourism charter destination. There are literally hundreds of deserted islands to explore, each one seemingly more spectacular than the last. The beaches are magnificently pristine. The snorkelling and scuba diving are among the best in the world, with an almost untouched marine ecosystem for underwater enthusiasts to explore.

There is a active volcano, thousands of square miles of primaeval jungle, exotic and thriving wildlife and primitive hunter-gatherer tribes. The fishing is probably the best in the world. The Andamans are also starting to develop a superb reputation as a frontier surfing destination, with reef breaks that have never been surfed before.


Entry and visas

Foreigners entering the Andaman Islands need an Indian visa, which is good for 30 days and can be obtained directly from Indian embassies, or arranged by some travel firms in Phuket. Extensions can be arranged in Port Blair.

Getting to Port Blair

You may travel direct to Port Blair via mainland India and join a chartered yacht in Port Blair. Most charter guests use this method to save the time spent at sea between Phuket and the Andamans, though air links between India and the Andamans are not especially pleasant. Chartering a yacht from Phuket is the easiest choice and probably the most desirable.


It is essential to plan to visit the Andamans between December and May. December to the end of February is the best time for sailing in the Andamans, with warm, sunny conditions and a reliable 20 knots of wind. March and April have little wind and are the best months for diving and snorkeling – this is also the time of year when the migratory whales visit the Andamans.

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